Flying Poles Smart Road System: Safety Sensors from the Skies

Carlo Ratti Associati

A project by Carlo Ratti Associati for ANAS
Location: Italian highways
Year: 2018

From monitoring roads to bringing first-aid to the drivers, CRA’s Flying Poles provides an overall safety system based on drone technologies that aims to become part of the forthcoming smart infrastructures.

International design and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati has been working with Italy’s leading road agency ANAS to design a Smart Highway program that will be implemented on more than 2,500 kilometers of roads and highways. The project involves a pioneering infrastructure system featuring drones that are able to deliver first aid support, as well as sensing poles that can send useful information to both today’s drivers and tomorrow’s self-driving vehicles. The program experiments with new ways of gathering and sharing data about mobility, with the objective of improving safety conditions and traffic management.

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CRA design team: Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Saverio Panata (project leader), Monika Löve, Gerolamo Gnecchi, Luca Giacolini
CRA renderings: Gary di Silvio, Gianluca Zimbardi
Anas engineering team: Luigi Carrarini, Alessandro Stefano