Experiencing Scale: The Diminutive Dimensions of the Space

PLANE—SITE | Space4Architecture

Curated and produced by PLANE—SITE

Space4architecture was invited by the European Cultural Centre to exhibit at the Time Space Existence exhibition in Venice, Italy. PLANE—SITE had the opportunity to talk about the ideas behind their design with S4A principal Clementina Ruggieri and founder Michele Busiri-Vici.

With a focus on the individual and the visitor’s experience, S4A set out to make ‘make sense out of a room without a purpose’. Inspired by the Italian ‘calle’ — the narrow streets present throughout Venice — and the diminutive dimensions of the space, S4A designed a split room with a horizontal wall, essentially creating a room within a room.

The two rooms are distinct from one another in a variety of ways: primarily their size, the lighting, and the way they make the visitor feel. The segmented room is noticeably smaller, filled with natural light, and evokes a personal and intimate experience. The larger entrance room feels more open, with the only source of light seeping in from behind.