Various Architects

VARIOUS ARCHITECTS was founded in January 2008 in Oslo, Norway. Today, the company has a mixture of youthful and experienced staff with various backgrounds. We design deferent types and scales of projects, ranging from 200 m2 houses to 50,000 m2 master planning projects with emphasis on cultural projects and public space.

DESIGN PROCESS. As the name implies, Various Architects has a collaborative design philosophy that creates bespoke project teams of creatives and experts for each project we undertake. We have a network of architects, artists, landscape architects, interior designers and product designers that we like to involve in our projects where appropriate. Our office space is a creative co-working environment where we share our space with architects, interior architects, light designers, web designers, programmers. The synergy of disciplines is a source of inspiration for everyone involved.

SUSTAINABILITY. Environmental solutions and innovative sustainable designs have been prioritized in all projects since the establishment of the company. Our Mobile Performance Venue has been hailed by the press for it’s lightweight design and 100% recyclable structure. We have collaborated with the norwegian research institution Bioforsk in the design of an park environment would actively clean toxic airport waste at Schiphol Airport with natural plant processes and a bio-gas plant that would turn organic waste into energy. Our Skagen ØKOntor can become Norway’s most energy efficient building with a very low CO2-footprint.

TECHNOLOGY. Including 3D modeling, parametric design, photorealistic rendering and BIM information models are all everyday tools in use at Various Architects. We use our detailed knowledge of technology where appropriate, and as a means to an end not as an end in itself.