The National Agency for Administrative City Construction (NAACC)

The National Agency for Administrative City Construction (NAACC) is the government agency responsible for the construction of the “administrative city,” now called Sejong City. Launched in 2006, the agency has been responsible for planning, managing and attracting investment for the construction of Sejong, an integrated city with a concentration of government administrative buildings. The city was newly developed specifically to relocate a large segment of the Korean national government, the offices of which were traditionally concentrated in Seoul and its environs. The goal of the government relocation was a nationwide “balanced development” and a reduction of overpopulation in the larger metropolitan Seoul area. NAACC is proud of the historical mission it has been appointed to carry out and we are doing our utmost to make sure that the new city becomes “a global benchmark city that everyone wishes to live in.”

Korea Land and Housing Corporation is a public corporation established to promote the improvement of housing and the efficient use of national land. Its duties include the acquisition, development, banking, and supply of land; urban development and maintenance; and the construction, supply, and management of housing. By supplying 2.6 million units of public housing, the corporation has contributed to securing housing stability for the working poor. In addition, by developing new cities around the nation, it has developed land and expanded social overhead capital such as roads and schools, and thus contributed to the growth of the national economy. The corporation undertakes the construction of the administrative city. As such, it exerts efforts to make sure that the new city will be representative of innovative urban planning, not only in Korea, but also globally.