SuP Ingenieure GmbH

SuP Ingenieure GmbH was founded by Dr.-Ing. Xiaofeng Shen, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schleuchardt and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mark Lanzrath. The three managing partners have been working together as an engineer team in glass construction for several years and bring their national and international experience to SuP Ingenieure GmbH. Chief partner of SuP Ingenieure GmbH is Dr.-Ing. Xiaofeng Shen, an internationally recognized and proven expert in the field of glass and façade construction.
SuP Ingenieure GmbH has its main office in Darmstadt, Germany – the “city of science” – approx. 30km south of the financial center of Frankfurt am Main. With a branch office located in Beijing together with Dr. Xiafeng Shen, SuP Ingenieure GmbH has close ties to the Chinese market. As structural engineers with a main emphasis in structural systems and calculations they support their national and international clients in all constructive and structural challenges of the building industry as a consultant, planner or as a consulting expert.
Their area of expertise is in planning and calculating glass and façade constructions. With special constructions they will act as an independent expert in achieving approval of individual cases or for general constructive registration. SuP Ingenieure GmbH has the necessary infrastructure to perform component tests in all areas of glass construction. Together with the Kurt Kloeppel Institute at the Technical University of Darmstadt more extensive testing can also be carried out.