Studio Lindfors

Studio Lindfors is now Clouds Architecture Office.

Cloud formation is a negentropic process wherein disordered water molecules are condensed into higher order structures. The shape of a cloud reflects the conditions under which it was condensed, just as architecture is an artifact of the cultural and technological circumstances within which it was created, embodying the aspirations of people who formed it. Clouds can only exist when conditions allow for equilibrium between water saturation and air temperature. We believe the built environment should also achieve a dynamic harmony with its environment.

Architecture has become a discipline obsessed with form making. We have no doubt about the importance of the sculptural in architecture, however our explorations focus on the potential of the immaterial. We are interested in the experiential qualities of architecture, ways in which form and material can elicit lasting emotional or cognitive revelation. To achieve such an architecture requires careful attention to the unique parameters of each project. Research and analysis are distilled, with relevant facts materialized. Our goal is to create conditions that allow for a resonant experience by the synthesis of ideas through design.