Studio ACTE

Studio ACTE is focusing on architecture, material and techniques. Founded by Estelle Barriol, a French young architect, the office is based in Rotterdam. The studio believes into architecture as a process involving material, experimentation, techniques and people. As a European practice, Studio Acte works currently in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Based on a multicultural crossover, between a French and a Dutch- German experiences, research and project take place among cultures, people and practices.

Studio ACTE designs each project around a generous and radical concept considering architecture as a living matter, across uses and environment. Studio ACTE produces generous space which celebrates together circularity and local techniques. Building is an act that must be considered as an ensemble, exploring programs and pushing technical constraint to their maximum.

Studio ACTE believes in know-how and aesthetic as an equation towards sustainability. Rather than using standard elements, the studio focuses on researching materials, details and techniques involving local crafts and custom-made design.