Stefano Semeraro

Stefano Gio Semeraro, 1984, is a documentary and landscape photographer based in Milan, Italy.
Graduated in Chemistry, he then decided to start exploring photography and its applications.
After attending courses in Analog and Digital Photography and Visual Storytelling at CFP Bauer in Milan (from 2013 to 2015), in 2014 he co-founded the CROP Collective which brings together independent photographers who conduct a photographic reflection on nature and meaning of images.
His interest is mainly focused on the transformation of the landscape, the relationship between nature and architecture, the relationship between human presence and the surrounding landscape, the journey through intimate photography.
His work was presented mainly in Italy, at Photofestival Milano / HTTP_HyperText Transfer Photography (2015), Ram Studios Milano / Fabbrica del Vapore (2015), Palazzo Marino / Milano City Hall (2015), Spazio Soderini / International Photo Project Milano ( 2015), Viridi / Spazivisivi Sanremo (2017) and Festival 10×10 / Gonzaga (2018), Milano Photo Week (2019).
He currently works on personal research projects.