Stardust* was born in Barcelona (Spain) in the November 2008 from an idea of Carla Athayde and Francesco Ducato.

Working in an international scale and in different art fields produced the need to develop a studio not worried about disciplinary definitions, not dedicated to specialization but focused on the construction of new realities defining relations of abilities and talents for each project.

The idea came from the need to “reveal” the connection between the different creative experiences and improve the mystery of this connection.

Stardust* is the result of an intuition and is a factory of intuitions.

Stardust* is a studio that operates in the field of the arts with a strong creativity impregnated by the culture of making. Creation and production work together to realize projects of high quality and efficiency. In this way the management becomes part of the creative process giving guaranties of success to the client and to the Stardust* team.
Against the idea of StarSystem we believe on the idea of strong, talented and qualified individualities, able to share their know how with the objective of a critic, innovative and responsible transformation of their physical and cultural environment. Meaning with environment every material or virtual space with its peculiarities.

Stardust* is at the moment developing projects in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Syria and USA and has not geographical limits. Stardust* works as a network.