Salmaan Craig

Salmaan Craig is a Lecturer in Environmental Technology at the Graduate School of Design (GSD), Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, USA.

He teaches young architects how, by the composition of simple materials, they can better orchestrate the thermal currents that flow through buildings. He also pursues research in this same area.

He is also a Research Associate in the Harvard Center for Green Buildings & Cities.

Salmaan Craig studied product design and completed a PhD in engineering at Brunel University and hosted by Buro Happold consulting engineers. During this time he designed and tested a biologically-inspired material for protecting buildings from solar and ambient heat, while allowing them to cool through radiation to the sky and outer space.

He continued at Buro Happold as a façade engineer, specializing in the design of material systems in extreme climates, such as the perforated, multilayer dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. He then moved to the specialist modeling group at Foster + Partners, continuing to develop his research interests in the context of a number of high profile building projects, such as the Masdar Institute, Apple Campus, and Bloomberg Place.

His portfolio of independent consulting activities has extended beyond architecture to include the design of shoes for improved thermoregulation.

Salmaan Craig will be a workshop expert on the technical at the 5th International Forum for Sustainable Construction dedicated to “Infrastructure Space” to take place April 7-9, 2016 in Detroit, USA.