REFUNC plays with problems, connects people, invents functions, creates spaces, optimises environments,transforms garbage, opens options, inspires components, helps knowledge, exchanges experiences, operates instantly, questions standards, finds solutions.
REFUNC is an architecture laboratory and an experimental method that deals with the function, perception and meaning of (unused) components, material and resources. From linear over circular to helical function concepts.
Refunc provides a better life for discarded materials, components, objects or spaces.
Refunc connects local material and knowledge flows towards a better world
Operating on the boundaries of architecture, art and design we reshape old materials to new products. Design origins are found in the object itself, listening to its own composition, history or local and social context. We can start from a design, but prefer problems to play with, like extreme deadlines and non-existing budgets…
3D troubleshooting and creative improvisation with locally available waste materials lead the way to our often unpredictable results. We can not oversee all potential of the material, although we are getting quite experienced by now…
Wherever you can find garbage, we do research and workshops on creative re-use, as recycling is not the answer to the questions of life, the universe and everything.