Peter Murray

Peter Murray is Chairman of Wordsearch, a branding and communications company working in the areas of architecture and real estate. He is internationally recognized for his contribution to major architecture publications.
In 1983, he founded Blueprint Magazine, the first of the new wave of design and architecture magazines. He has been the technical editor of Architectural Design (AD); editor of the weekly newspaper, Building Design; and editor and publisher of the RIBA Journal. He has curated a number of major architectural exhibitions, including New Architecture: Foster, Rogers, Stirling; and Living Bridges, both at the Royal Academy in London. In 2004, Murray launched the first London Architecture Biennale (now the London Festival of Architecture). He is the founder and exhibitions director of New London Architecture (NLA), Editor-in-Chief of London Property Review magazine and member of the Board of Trustees of the UK charity, Article 25.
He is the author of various architecture books, including Contemporary British Architects, New Urban Environments, Living Bridges, The Saga of Sydney Opera House, and Architecture and Commerce. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2000.