OPEN Architecture

OPEN Architecture is an international team of architects and designers, with collaborators across different disciplines to practice urbanism, architecture, interior and the production of strategies in the context of new challenges of our time.

OPEN believes that research and collaboration is the foundation for design and creation. In recent years, OPEN’s researches have focused on social and environmental problems associated with the unprecedented speed of urban development in developing countries especially China. While immersing in the ample opportunities along with great difficulties, OPEN strives to create architecture and urban spaces that establish a new relation with nature and people. OPEN has built up expertise on sustainability and collaborative working relationship with leading engineers and institutions in the field.

OPEN was founded by Li Hu and Huang Wenjing in New York City. It established the Beijing office in 2006. Some of the built and ongoing projects by OPEN include: Studio-X Beijing, Gehua Youth and Cultural Centre, Garden School/Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus, Stepped Courtyards, HEX-SYS, Ocean Centre, Pingshan Performing Arts Centre, Shanghai West Bund Oil Tank Art Centre and etc. OPEN was recognised by many prestigious awards, including World Architecture’s Chinese Architecture Award, China Architecture Media Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, London Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2015 Nomination, and Merit Award of 2015 AIANY Design Awards.