Núria Moliner

Núria Moliner received her degree in architecture from the Barcelona School of Architecture, Barcelona Tech University (UPC, 2016). There, she collaborated with the Design Department as a teaching and research assistant and with the Culture Department as a cultural manager, taking part in the design, coordination and production of exhibitions, publications, conferences, and faculty cultural events. She has also collaborated in several design studios, working on architecture, interiorism and exhibition design. After starting her own blog on architectural theory and interdisciplinary themes, she enhanced her passion towards the research and the communication fields and has been working in this direction since then. Focusing in the area of conceptual practices, writing, publishing, curating and exhibiting, she is currently a member of the editorial team at Actar Publishers and urbanNext.
urbanNext.net is an international platform producing and distributing content related to architecture, the environment, sustainability, and innovation as a key to address the imminent urban challenges.