Nathalie de Vries

Nathalie de Vries was educated at University of Technology Delft (Department of Architecture and Urban Planning), where she graduated with a Master in Architecture in 1990 with honorable mention. In 1993 she founded, together with Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs, the office of MVRDV. They have realized architectural designs, urban designs, master plans and research. Currently, Nathalie de Vries is working on a residential masterplan for the city of Leiden, an apartment building in Amsterdam, and a development strategy for Airport Tegel, Berlin. In China, she is working on a water city in Xinjin, near Chengdu, which foresees the creation of new islands in the city’s river. Nathalie de Vries lectures and teaches throughout the world and takes part in international juries. She has been guest professor at the TU Berlin (2002-2004) and was the 2005 Morgenstern Visiting Critic at the IIT in Chicago. She has also been teaching at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, the ABK in Arnhem, and the TU of Delft. Additionally, she was a board member of the Netherlands Architecture Fund (1999-2005); she was member of the Gestaltungsbeirat of Salzburg (Austria, 2003-06); and a foundation board member of the Dutch architectural journal Oase (2004-). Nathalie de Vries was National Railroad Architect on behalf of ProRail/NS (2005-08). She recently joined the supervisory board of the Graphic Design Museum, Breda.