Monika Brümmer

Monika Brümmer is a German architect and researcher, involved in hempbuilding projects since 1995 and specialized in green-building and restoration; resident in Granada (Spain), she created Cannabric a company were she manufactures hempbuilding materials. She holds a master’s degree in Sciences and Technologies of restoration and is PhD student in the faculty of “History and Arts” of the University of Granada. She is co-author of several scientific studies on hemp-concretes and designer of premade hempbuilding materials for load bearing applications, used in several hundreds of buildings in Spain since 1999. She collaborates on an international level in the development of plant based building materials (e.g. PNEEB-Typha, Senegal). Recent years she is involved in a project for alternative socioeconomic development with hemp in Morocco’s historic hemp farming region, where she cofounded and presides the Cooperative Adrar Nouh (2017), which aims to make use of ancient hemp varieties for construction and other purposes.