MDBA Architects

MDBA is characterized by its sensitive and rigorous work on research and creation of spaces.

Every project is a challenge, we do our best to design spaces that correlate the clients needs with each location constraints. Always having in mind the harmony, a materiality research and how to incorporate craftsmen in our projects.

Maria Diaz, founder of MDBA, with a career of more than 15 years, collaborating with Vicente Guallart, now leads a young team that integrates architects, designers and professionals from different disciplines.

The study of MDBA has a wide experience in project development, from new work, to restoration projects, as well as interior design, going through all of the phases of a project, from the concept up to its execution, from architecture, interior design, furniture design, graphic design, to landscaping. All of the technical aspects, budgets and licenses are taken into account.

The studio is also developing a very special category, MDBY…, in order to show what inspire us in our daily work we feature artists who use craftsmanship and craftsmen who make art. MDBY… is a section where they expose their experiences and speak about their artistic carrers..