Marta Bugés

Marta holds a degree in Architecture from ETSAB (UPC). As an architect, she realized early on that her passion lies in the cultural impact of building our environment collectively, and she is determined to engage in the dissemination of the debate on contemporary architecture and urbanism in the interest of continuously rethinking the practice.
During her studies, she explored collaborative design by participating in self-building projects, such as an NGO youth center in Vienna or a school extension in Barcelona. As a UPC student she travelled to Beijing to join an international workshop on territory and identity, where she teamed up with people of other nationalities to research the connections between society and the urban milieu. Thanks to institutional grants, she has been able to attend international congresses on architecture that have contributed to her education. She has developed her design skills working in architecture studios in Barcelona and Tokyo, where she has learned about the profession’s dynamics.
In 2018, she joined the editorial team at Actar publishers and urbanNext, working as an editor and content curator. Navigating between a publishing house with more than 25 years of experience and new digital media gives her the opportunity not only to work with the most relevant content on contemporary architecture but also to fulfill her professional vocation.