Manuel Pérez Romero

Manuel Pérez Romero has an interdisciplinary background as an architect, urban designer, lecturer and inventor. Perez Romero interests focus on two different but complementary areas: evolutionary urbanism and technique. Evolutionary urbanism is an interdisciplinary approach to urban design based on time, evolution and ecology. In terms of technique, he is continuously investigating new construction systems and processes, for which he has patented and developed several construction systems and structures.

His teaching experience includes 8 years at IE School of Architecture and Design, 15 years at Alcalá de Henares School of Architecture and 2 years at Madrid School of Architecture. Currently, Perez Romero is the Director of the future Bachelor in Urban Studies at IE University. In 2018 he has been appointed Board Member of the International Practice Committee of the American Institute of Architects.

Pérez Romero is founding member of nodo17 group, a Madrid based group of architects, urban designers and ecologists operating within the fields of urbanism, landscape, architecture, engineering, information and ecology.

Projects undertaken by nodo17 group have received more than 20 awards in national and international competitions, as 2009 AR for Emerging Architecture, RE-THINK Award, Smart Island Award or 2018 AZ Award. As result of winning competition entries, nodo17 is currently developing the Master Plan for Klekovaca Tourist Centre in Bosnia Herzegovina, the construction of Abalos Sustainable Resort in La Gomera Island and the construction of Equilibrium Hotel in Madrid.

His work has been published in journals and monographs, such as “nodo17 version 2.08” (Damdi Publishing Co, South Korea, 2009) and he is author of “Timetecture” (Diseño, 2017).