Maider Llaguno

Maider Llaguno-Munitxa is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia GSAPP and co-founded the London and New York based architecture office AZPML in 2011, after having worked for Foreign Office Architects in London since 2006 where she was involved in several projects such as the Trinity office complex in the City of London and the Ravensbourne College of Design and Art and Communication as well as in various design competitions. In 2016 Maider Llaguno- Munitxa completed her Ph.D. from the Institute of Technology in Architecture at the ETH in Zurich. Her Ph.D. topic focused on the study of the interaction of architecture, urban microclimate and its dynamics of flow and transport. Before initiating her Ph.D. studies, Maider graduated from ETSASS/ETSAB with Honors in 2006 and from Columbia GSAPP Columbia with Excellence in Design in 2010. Maider is currently a scientific researcher at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University. Her fields of knowledge include urban physics; building physics, environmental modelling, analysis and visualization and computational design. Maider has taught at different universities such as the Barnard College and Columbia GSAPP in New York, the ETH in Zurich and the Yale School of Architecture in New Haven. The work of Maider Llaguno- Munitxa has been published in various international architectural periodicals and newsletters as well as in scientific journals focused on the topics of environmental sciences and design computation.