MAAN is an architecture firm made up of a cross-disciplinary team with experience in interventions in public space, landscape, the city and dwellings.

We have cultivated lines of research dealing with tectonics, the public sphere, participation and management, tied transversally into academic pursuits; this has allowed us to develop ideas, projects and built work in Venezuela, Spain, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Croatia, South Korea, Austria, Poland, Italy, and France, among others.

MAAN was founded by Maximillian Nowotka, an architect from Venezuela with postgraduate studies in Chile.

He has been a guest professor, jury member and lecturer in various institutions and universities in Latin America and Europe; his work has been recognized and published in different countries, in publications including AU (Brazil), Escala (Colombia), Harvard Design Magazine (United States), Atlas of World Landscape Architecture (Switzerland), Idea, Proyecto y Obra by Fundación Espacio (Venezuela), and Boundaries magazine (Italy), among others.