Luis Fraguada

Luis E. Fraguada investigates critical issues in architecture, design, and urbanism through various modes, including associative design, scripting, and fabrication. Luis is currently a member of the Faculty of Architecture at IAAC as Lead Professor of the Advanced Interaction Research Studio.
Luis joined Built By Associative Data as an associate and the Director of the Barcelona office in 2010. His time there is focused on the research, collection, generation, and classification of relevant data and strategies which are utilised to guide and formalise project decisions. This work also includes creating custom computational tools for clients while broadening the scope of the office into fashion, product design, and gastronomy.
Luis is also the Editor and chief designer for Robots in Gastronomy Group, a foundation focusing on the application of digital tools and robotics in gastronomy. Luis has created the Food Form 1, a 3D Food Printer which has been exhibited at the Istanbul Design Biennial, Salone del Mobile in Milan, and at the Przemiany Festival in Warsaw.
Recently, Luis, along with Elizabeth Bigger, has won the Jury Prize at the 17th International Symposium on Wearable Computers for their work on the Lüme Collection, a line of garments that can be controlled via a smartphone application.