Lorenzo Zandri

Lorenzo Zandri is an architectural photographer and artist based between London and Paris.

Trained as an architect between Rome and Paris, he started to dedicate himself completely to photography and the process of the image in architecture, deciding to not build things but images. The image is a crucial result of an artistically-led process, swinging its position between documenting the built environment but also illustrating a meaning through the image itself. His fine approach aims at narrating spaces and atmospheres recalling different past references and analogies from the archive of paintings and art images related to our culture.

In 2019 his visual research ‘On the riverside’ has been exhibited for the London Festival of Architecture in London and published in different platforms and books. His work has been also displayed in Praha for ‘Behind Camera’, an international exhibition curated by Adam Stěch with Leonardo Finotti among others. In 2020, he has been invited to talk about his practice to the ZoomedIN Festival, an architectural photography festival with some great awarded photographers as Hélène Binet, Adam Mørk, Dennis Gilbert.

He collaborates with different practices and architectural firms worldwide spreading their projects through his lens. His images have frequently been published on architectural and design magazines (DOMUS, AD, Dezeen, designboom, iGNANT etc).

He is the co-founder of ROBOCOOP, an experimental and research art duo project active since 2012 that aims at creating fictional and urban scenarios matching old and new visions through different architectural tools – such as collages, installations, engravings, drawings, photomontages. He also launched two side projects, ZA² and Unsent Postcard.

Lorenzo Zandri is a registred member of ‘The Royal Photographic Society’ of the UK.