Lina Toro

Architect graduated with honors from the UPB of Medellín, is accredited by the RIBA (2001) and holds a Spanish architecture degree fro m ETSA (2007). She has worked in Medellín, Palma de Mallorca and Rotterdam. She is a partner at LinaToro.arch and one third of the Dosmasunoarquitectos studio. Since 2003, she has won awards in 27 national and international competitions. Her built work and work in progress includes 102 dwellings in Carabanchel EMVS, 67 dwellings in Colmenar Viejo IVIMA and the Social Services Center in Móstoles. Her work has been widely published and exhibited. She is co-editor of the magazine Arquitectos for the Spanish CSCAE (2006). She curated the exhibition cycle and edited the monograph “Monoespacios”, COAM (2004-2007). She is currently an architecture columnist with Ivorypress (2013 ). She is a professor of Architectural Design and the Undergraduate Thesis Projects workshop at ETSAM (2008), and is a member of the Research Group “Prácticas Emergentes en Arquitectura” (“Emerging Practices in Architecture”) (2013-), directed by Juan Herreros. She is co-director of the UFP at IE University, where she also teaches the Design Studio (2013).