Lab.Pro.Fab. focuses its research in the environment, the objects and in human practices. The “scenario” is made by architecture, landscapes and artifacts which act as a support to a sequence of actions that encourage some behaviors within the community and social interactions. They are interested in different kinds of ecologies, the reprogram of obsolesces, the renewal of inactive landscapes, the reactivation of disused territories (systems, artifacts and waste materials) and by local phenomena, behaviors and social dynamics. Moreover, they look for social, political, economical and technological cartographies that could join together art, science and culture. Additionally, they believe in the optimization of economical, human and material resources to conciliate more efficient works; we support the industrialization throughout customized serial fabrication, applying, at the same time, high and low tech to find a middle term or transferable production. Their itinerary includes a series of actions that seek to activate social environment. Founded by Alejandro Haiek and Eleanna Cadalso.