Karim Nader Studio

Karim Nader is an architect whose work is silent, but never still. Contextually and textually engaged, he practices design fervently and conscientiously, believing that architecture moves through nature as much as nature moves through architecture.

Nader graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture with distinction from the American University of Beirut in 1999. He was the first prize winner of the Azar Award as well as the third prize winner of the Aareen Award for excellence in architecture. In 2003, he received his Master of Architecture from Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA).

After independent professional beginnings, Nader collaborated with Blankpage from 2008 until 2016 as founding member. In 2011, he was awarded both the SEF 355 office complex in Sin el Fil, commissioned by Express International, and Triade, a multi-use project commissioned by MEDPROPERTIES and M-Tower S.A.L. In 2012, the FFA Real Estate selected the firm amongst 12 others as the laureate of the Ahlam Country Club competition. In 2015, he won the Badalodge competition, a 20,000sqm eco-resort in Bamako, Mali, organized by Omnium Capital. That same year, Amchit Residence was nominated for the Archmarathon Award.

In 2016, Karim Nader decided to return to independent practice and founded Karim Nader Studio, customizing work “from the landscape to the doorknob.” He has built works, most notably Amchit Residence and Villa Kali, which have been widely published in and recognized by the international press. El Khalil Beach House (Villa Kali), delivered in the summer of 2016, is a major 2,000m2, 10-bedroom fully commissioned seaside mansion – from the architectural scale to interior, furniture design and selection. “The four-year effort was truly moving. It involved collaborations with numerous designers and contractors which sincerely inspired the renewal of the possibility of architecture as a total work of art.”

In June 2018, Nader was selected to participate in Art of Dining producing the Nocturne Majlis, a multi-sensorial dining experience that celebrates the essence of oriental space in the dark shades of modern urbanity and contemporary neurosis. His latest projects include Nineteen84, an office by day, light installation by night, Immeuble de l’Union, the undergoing awaited renovation of the 1952 masterpiece by Lucien Cavro and Antoun Tabet. Karim Nader Studio is also currently collaborating with Dalal Steel and Megaprefab to produce prefabricated low-cost and ecological experiments. In 2019, the studio has been shortlisted for the NPAK international competition and has been selected as the third prize winner of the Hay Jameel Cinema Competition. In 2020, the studio has been commissioned the ongoing repair of 10 Schools with the Swiss government in the middle of devastated Beirut while the Glass House and the villa On the Rocks reach completion.

Celebrating 20 years of thinking and building architecture, “For a Novel Architecture, ciné-roman 2000-2020,” published in Italy by LetteraVentidue is the first retrospective book produced in the form of a visual and textual narrative. The book was awarded Le Geste d’Or in Paris in December 2021.

Nader has taught at the American University of Beirut since 2000, and at the Lebanese American University from 2014 until 2016. From foundation to final project, Nader has conducted numerous design studios and experimental electives, most notably the “Manifesto”, a spiritual and creative workshop that concludes in theatrical expression. “My educational interests include architectural representation and process. I always make sure to emphasize the role of the architectural designer as a passionate, engaged and responsible individual that truly attempts to understand the humbling act of building.” In 2021, he has taught at the Politecnico di Milano the “Landscape Of[f] Limits” Workshop; his atelier, entitled The Invisible Piacenza was a homage to Calvino and the city as palimpsest.

Located in Saifi, in the heart of the Beiruti art scene, the studio collaborates with architects, engineers and contractors of affiliated firms to produce work of the highest quality and craft. From residential developments, resorts, to villas or interior design projects, passing by furniture or object design, all projects are given the same attention and passion. The quality of the design and its execution is the result of 20 year of experience in the local market where personal ties were built with designers, suppliers, craftspeople and fabricators.