Jorge Rivera

He holds a Master’s degree in History and Theory of Architecture from McGill University in Montreal, where his adviser was Alberto Pérez-Gómez (2006-2007); he earned his degree in architecture from ITESO (2000-2004) and studied at the Aalto University School of Architecture in Helsinki, Finland (2003). He has collaborated with a number of architects, both nationally and internationally, including AD11, CoA, Macías Peredo, VWA, Hugo González, Sergio Ortiz and S2GDL in Guadalajara, Actar Arquitectura in Barcelona, Christian Weber in Zurich and Christian Wassmann in New York. He has practiced independently since 2007 and founded Departamento de Arquitectura in 2010, a studio focused on architectural research, education and production in close relation with artisans, students and documentary film.

He was named as a finalist for the VI Architecture Biennial in Jalisco with Casa RG; the project has also been published in the third volume of the directory of Mexican Architecture by Arquine, in the book De Jalisco nuevos arquitectos, and in a number of European and Asian magazines.

He is professor of various workshops in architectural design at ITESO (2007-present) and teaches classes on the history and theory of architecture along with the architect Juan López V. Newton.

He recently founded a film production company, HERMANOS FANTASMA, with his two brothers where he produces, photographs and directs documentaries on architecture and short fiction films.