Jianxiang He

Co-founder of O-office Architects M.arch & M.E. in Arch, K.U. Leuven Grade 1 Registered Architects of China Visiting Professor, School of Architecture and Environmental Art Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art Since 2003, Jianxiang He returned to China and started involved to large urban projects in Guangzhou after his 5 years’ experience in Europe. In 2007, Jianxiang and Ying Jiang co-founded O-office Architects and started their independent practice in this economically dynamic southern Chinese city, to experiment their critical design approach in PRD, the supper sprawl urban area. They try to create their unique spatial method and tectonics to bridge the southern Chinese tradition and the spread reality among the fragmented urban condition. O-office’s works are currently widely reported and exhibited in many important magazines and exhibitions. As a young independent architect based Guangzhou, Jianxiang He has been invited to participate in various important architectural events and exhibitions, such as Venice Architectural Biennale and Shenzhen International Architectural Biennale. Beside his professional practice, Jianxiang He is also involved in architectural education in several main design schools in Guangzhou.