Hu Yue Studio

Hu Yue Studio is one of the first separated studios in BIAD. To design works of high quality is the strategic target and the core spirit of the team.
As innovation is the major objective around the studio, the precondition is to thoroughly analyze all aspects of conditions, problems and conflicts of the project. Innovation needs to be based on solving problems rather than making troubles. We are not aiming at refurbishing buildings in a simple way.
BIAD is one of the most well-known brands in the industry of national civil building design which possess splendid achievements and abundant comprehensive technical strength. With the support of such technologies, Hu Yue Studio forge ahead and innovate with an active mind which is reliable and courageous to face challenges.
Hu Yue Studio have participated and designed a great number of challenging projects in recent years. Among them, Beijing Wukesong Stadium, Wukesong baseball field, the UBPA office building of Shanghai World Expo, renovation of the Qingpu Stadium in Shanghai, Integrated Service Center of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, etc. have won the Beijing, industry and national level of awards respectively. Meanwhile, the studio take part in the 1st China International Architectural Biennial, the 1st Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, Shanghai West Bund Architectural Biennial. Moreover, the studio have gone to Germany, Belgium and England for International Architectural exhibition.
Leading by the master of National Survey and Design, Hu Yue, a young team with strong innovation ability and project implementation has been formed.