Guillermo Fernández-Abascal

Guillermo Fernández-Abascal is an architect, academic, and director of GFA2. He studied at the ETS of Architecture in Madrid, Tongji University and he is currently a MoRE candidate exploring driverless implementation in urban environments at UTS under La Caixa fellowship. In 2010 he joined FOA, where he worked in Birmingham New Street station. Following FOA’s demerger, GFA became a member of AZPML, leading the London office in various projects and several winning entries in international competitions (Antonino and Cinia Foundation, Montreal Biodome, Austro Control Zentrale Wien, Kirchberg Housing Complex and Bellinzona Bridge). Since 2016, as director of GFA2 has lead various projects highlighting the shortlisted entry for a school in Madrid, a mixed-used development in Sydney, the Story of the Pool (2017), an Equestrian Centre in Madrid, a Multi-Purpose Roof in Cantabria, the 2016 Global Architecture Political Compass and Events, co-authored with Zaera-Polo, and Driver Less Vision, developed with Urtzi Grau and Daniel Perlin for the Seoul Biennale. Guillermo has taught at UTS and RICE University. His work and writings have been widely published in media sources such as El Croquis, ArchDaily, Afasia and exhibited in Reina Sofia Museum.