Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Modern cities and societies are complex entities dependent on a wide range of functions to run smoothly. Reliable supplies of power, heating and water are basic amenities, but an efficient infrastructure and mobility are crucial too for modern life. Without these there can be no growth, development or welfare. At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we focus on these basic functions of society: it is our mission to shape better cities and societies with architecture of the highest technical and aesthetic quality.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provides consultancy services within infrastructure, construction and landscape architecture. Our specialist knowledge and experience is our natural starting point, but we do also look up and out from the drawing board and consider our projects in a wider social context. We take a special interest in the transition from black coal to green energy, the interaction between different modes of transport, the transformation of urban spaces left behind by time and tide, the integration of striking structures into the surrounding landscape and the move from cellular offices to new ways of working.

We believe that clear simplicity brings a beauty all of its own. It makes no difference whether we design a power station or a corporate headquarters or whether we renovate a railway station. To us, form and function are two sides of the same coin.

We focus on creating value for the client, user and society at large and strive to integrate sustainability, social responsibility and environmentally conscious solutions in all our projects. We listen carefully and take on board the client’s wishes and requirements, and we are known for building long-term, trust-based relationships with our clients.

Our architecture is all over Denmark, equally at home in towns, cities and landscapes. We are proud to contribute to Denmark’s leading position in sustainable infrastructure and construction. We currently have activities in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Asia, and it is our ambition to bring architecture of the highest technical quality and aesthetic value to many more countries across the world.