Giusy Matzeu

Giusy Matzeu, engineer and researcher, has gained experience in developing and integrating physical and chemical sensors into various platforms, using skills acquired in the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and analytical chemistry.
During her PhD, Giusy’s work has been focused on realising low-cost, screen-printed electrochemical sensors for wearable and environmental applications. The main goal of her project was the realisation of novel sensitive substrates suitable for integration into microfluidic systems and textiles connected to wireless platforms, bridging the molecular world with the digital world.
Giusy has occupied diverse roles, starting as a pure biomedical engineer and progressively extending her interest to the fields of materials science, physical and analytical chemistry and a combination thereof. The research she has carried out resulted in 10 peer reviewed publications, 1 Book Chapter and 5 oral presentations.
Specialties: Electrochemistry, Chemical and Physical Sensors, Wearable Sensing, Biomedical Devices