Gildo Seisdedos

Professor of the area of Marketing of the Instituto de Empresa, develops an intense work of teaching, research, and consulting on Urban Planning, Local Policies and City Marketing. The success of his latest book How to Manage the cities of the 21st century (2007, Prentice Hall) changed the way that cities are facing the new competitive environment.
This urbanist, lawyer, economist and marketing specialist and Development is also Director of the Urban Management Forum, initiative oriented to public-private collaboration in the field of cities, led by the Instituto de Empresa and in which they participate in a activates the main companies providing urban services. He is also Director of the Madrid Global Chair of Urban Strategy International, financed by the Madrid City Council and aimed at collaborate in its internationalization, having received for this concept IE the award of Capital magazine as a company ambassador of Madrid 2008. He is Technical Director of mercoCIDAD, the most complete ranking of cities in Spain.