Geoff Manaugh

Geoff Manaugh is the author of BLDGBLOG ( and The BLDGBLOG Book (Chronicle Books, 2009), former senior editor of Dwell magazine and a contributing editor at Wired UK. Along with Nicola Twilley, he organized and co-curated “Landscapes of Quarantine,” a design studio and group exhibition at New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture (2010), and he is solo curator of an exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art entitled “Landscape Futures: Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions” (2011). In addition to lecturing on a broad range of architectural topics at museums and design schools worldwide, Manaugh has taught at Columbia University, USC, the Pratt Institute, and the University of Technology, Sydney. In 2011, he became co-director of Studio-X New York, an off-campus event space and urban futures think tank run by Columbia University’s GSAPP.