Filip de Boeck

As the coordinator of the Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa (IARA, formerly the Africa Research Centre), a Research Unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Filip De Boeck (° Antwerp, 1961) is actively involved in teaching, promoting, coordinating and supervising research in and on Africa.

Since 1987 he has conducted extensive field research in both rural and urban communities in D.R. Congo (ex-Zaire). His current theoretical interests include local subjectivities of crisis, postcolonial memory, youth and the politics of culture, and the transformation of private and public space in the urban context in Africa.

Filip De Boeck has published extensively on his research and on a wide variety of topics including postcolonial identity in Africa, processes of accumulation and expenditure in informal economies, history, memory, death, and popular urban culture, especially with regard to children and youth. Together with Alcinda Honwana (currently Professor at the Open University, UK ) he edited Makers and Breakers. Children and Youth in Postcolonial Africa (Oxford: James Currey, 2005). He also co-edited a special issue on children and politics in Africa for Politique Africaine(2000).