Established in 2006, Fahed+Architects is a multiple award-winning boutique practice that strongly believes a good design can bring about a positive impact to the daily life. We offer architectural design as a single integrated vision. One of our key strengths, in terms of design, is diversity. We have offices in different regions – Dubai + Kochi + Bali with partners located across the world. The advantage we have is that our practice is a mélange of talent: people from varied backgrounds and culture, who bring with them the richness of knowledge and distinct perspectives and experiences. The perfect alchemy between strikingly different talents and refreshing enthusiasm underlines our success story. Nothing is left to an assumption; each decision is questioned. All projects are extensively analysed in an expected perception which is subsequently dismantled to the very core and rebuilt with a fresh perspective. This rebuilding can be achieved for any design at any scale: be it a small kiosk or a larger project. We work on ideas that are fresh, socially relevant, deemed to stand the test of time and meld them into visually connected spaces that are evocative, integrated and functional. As a practice with insane optimism, we hope for a better tomorrow and strive to play our part – big or small – in the cultural and global context. History informs our work, and context provides a firm grounding to our design. We go to great lengths to develop details that would result in engaging domestic skills which supports the economy of the region and develops a sense of belonging.