El Hadi Jazairy

El Hadi Jazairy is a licensed architect and a founding partner of Design Earth. He is currently assistant professor of architecture at the University of Michigan. His research investigates spaces of exception –such as institutional campuses, free zones, and city-states– as predominant forms of contemporary urbanization. El Hadi holds a Doctorate of Design from Harvard, a Master of Architecture from Cornell, and a Bachelor of Architecture from La Cambre in Brussels. Prior to his appointment at the University of Michigan, El Hadi was Lecturer at MIT, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard. El Hadi is founding editor of the journal New Geographies and editor-in-chief of NG4: Scales of the Earth. Some of his recent work has been published in Journal of Cultural Geography, GSD Platform, Topos, Journal of Architectural Education, San Rocco, and MONU.