Ei POiNT, born in Barcelona, he’s an urban architect for the E.T.S.A.B. (Escola de Barcelona), rigger for the E.U.A.T. of the U.P.C. and a hodological photographer. In 2016 it has exceeded the figure of 100 exhibitions. He was part of the group of 11 photographers from Barcelona who took part in the cultural exchange with photographers from Puebla, co-sponsored by the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. In 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012 his choreographic assemblies of the exhibitions “MIRATGES”, “KEREPACUPAI vená”, “I SI ANESSIM A UNA ILLA DESERTA” and “ONE WAY … MY DREAM” were respectively nominated finalist or work cataloged in the modality of Interiorism and ephemeral spaces of the Architecture Biennials of 3BAV, 4BAV 5BAV and 6MAV as well as the Architecture of the Central Comarques BACC08. It is also worth mentioning their participation in the AC Exhibitions “FUTURE IDENTITIES” and 1st CONTEMPORARY WINTER “Celebrated in Venezia. In photography, Ei POiNT develops its most genuine form of expression, where space and time sensationalise and find their interrelation through its most representative format, the “panoramas”, and which has been the basic element for the formalization of its exhibitions where it is possible to emphasize the fact that in each one of them, the visitor, in addition to the exposed individuality, appreciates a global message fruit of the scenography that associates to the set shown. His work, which forms part of the artistic collections of various institutions and private collections, already has more than 20 distinctions in international competitions and his photographic projects have been exhibited in the web-site of the Lens Culture and Dodho magazines and in addition to the ” panophotos “, a constant investigation of innovative forms of expression as its boock” jocs de temps i llum “attested in the Spanish School of the Cité International Universitaire de Paris, and the recent spheroramas distinguished in the SIPA, IPA, , FAPA, Lens Culture Street PA and Epson IPA. His photographic work is very prolific making various photographic exhibitions, both individual and collective, as well as projections in various audiences, he has published several calendars and has contributed photographic credits in the publication of articles for publications in magazine format. His constant presence in the place credits him as “nature witness” and his photographic production explores worlds out of the usual that transductaliza to sinestésicas expressions in the field of fragile perception whose development have taken him next to the blind photographer Carme Ollé (1) to give a photography workshop for the blind and visually impaired within the framework of the IV International Biennial of CA of the ONCE Foundation and the CITINART of A Coruña.