David Salomon

David Salomon’s eclectic research interests focus on ubiquitous but unexamined aspects of architectural design, discourse and pedagogy. He is the co-author of The Architecture of Patterns (Norton, 2010) and the author of Symmetry: The One and the Many (DiTella, 2018). His work has also appeared in Grey Room, Log, Harvard Design Magazine, Places, The Journal of Landscape Architecture, the Journal of Architectural Education, and Journal of American Culture, on topics that include: the history of the driveway, the relationship between conceptual art and suburbia, the aesthetic function of infrastructure, and the history of the design thesis. He is also the co-curator Ambiguous Territory: Architecture, Landscape, and the Postnatural.

David is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Ithaca College, where he is also the coordinator of the Architectural Studies program.