RMIT’s d___Lab is built around its flagship research capability platform within the practice-based research paradigm.

Design practice research – research in the medium of design practice itself – as pioneered at RMIT, is recognised as a radically innovative, emergent and supra-disciplinary research paradigm in the tertiary sector globally, with particular relevance for Universities of Technology and Design.

The d___Lab at RMIT sits at the forefront of research in this field worldwide; it aims to be internationally highly competitive and leverage RMIT’s already acknowledged global leadership within the practice-based research paradigm. Through its projects, d___Lab intersects with a wide array of research fields, industries and government bodies in which impacts of the research are evidenced through application in projects.

The d___Lab provides a cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research platform across a range of established and emerging design areas in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, industrial design and interior design. It aims at providing a critical research environment for both new and established design practice research projects. d___Lab’s prime methodical aim is to release the ‘sealed cognitive research capital’ in established and successful creative practice.