Chiara Cesareo

Chiara Cesareo is an Italian architect passionate for urban planning and specifically citizens’ participation and bottom-up approaches to design inclusive and accessible cities. She began her university career studying Architecture with a specialisation in Archaeology at the Polytechnic of Bari and graduated in 2017 in Genova pursuing her studies in the field of Urban Composition.

Her final research thesis “Experience-based transformation of the city: an approach to participatory planning. From sharing to co-production” was dedicated to the re-qualification of a park in Sestri Levante (Genova) that was rethought in collaboration with an architecture studio and the citizens, in order to become an inclusive park. Merging her interest in journalism, she has been doing an internship at IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) for one year and then she has been hired as Editorial Coordinator for the Research Institute magazine, IAAC Bits. In November 2018, she began working for urbanNext as Editor and then also for Actar as Community Manager and part of the Creative Staff. During this period she has developed her managerial and artistic qualities, having access to the most innovative architectural contents and being surrounded by a challenging and constructive environment.