Chartier Corbasson Architects

Men inhabit space, other men build it. Building for others is not an act of unilateral will, it is not wanting to affix its mark. Building for others can and must be done only in the submission to a logic of construction, to the elaboration of the project. The job of architect is there to promote opportunities and create logics and intelligences in the relationships between the various actors. The important thing for us is to create links between existing buildings and sites, between volumes, materials and lights, between the site and its history, between the program and the project … A cohesion between the aesthetics of the project and its built reality.

It is a matter of never realizing an orphan object, which has no other purpose than the expression of itself. Nothing can be free. Compliance with standards should never be a goal. The essence of the project is elsewhere: true sustainable development can be seen in the attention given to the design of a project for a precise location, to the attention paid to the qualification of space …

All our projects are born of ” A lack of preconceived desires, a desire to reveal what must be, where it is needed. We are like catalysts: the project is a long process of maturation that leads to a logic of the concept until the choice of materials, to the resolution of the detail.
It is at this price that the emotion arises … »