Ana de Brea

Graduated with a Diploma in Architecture from the School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism, Buenos Aires University FADU UBA in 1986, Ana de Brea is an architect and an artist as well as a critical observer of the contemporary architecture and the design discipline. Her background describes an extensive teaching experience performing at different institutions such as Buenos Aires University UBA, J. F. Kennedy University UK, as well as Argentinean Catholic University UCA where she taught design studios and architectural theory seminars. Ana is currently an associate professor of architecture at Ball State University, USA, where she was granted tenure in 2009 to teach classes based on the relationship between art and architecture. Since 2004 professor de Brea has directed the BSU CAP Americano Sur Program, a five-week study abroad on Latin American architecture and culture that have taken students of different nationalities to visit well known architecture offices, colleges, and projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay. Ana was among the founders of Paralelo 35 in Buenos Aires and Grupo R in Rosario as well as an invited professor, international guest speaker and exhibitor mainly in Europe and the three Americas –Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, Holland, Spain, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela are included in. Ana de Brea‘s teaching, artwork, and research are focused on the meaning of geometrical bodies and the significance of materiality in the contemporary, modern, global design predominantly in Latin America. In parallel to her work as an educator and her professional practice, Ana worked for more than fifteen years as a design-columnist in some of the most significant newspapers in the Spanish language –with global, weekly editions, in which she published a great number of articles and held interviews with renown architects and designers from all over the world. Her published work includes Señores Arquitectos… Dialogos con Mario Roberto Alvarez y Clorindo Testa (with Tomas Dagnino, 1999) and 10×50: Terreno de Arquitectura (2001) –both books in the Spanish language, launched and exhibited at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. As part of her present-day activities Ana is continuing a series of international workshops and presentations that have been being developed in correspondence to the publication of this existing book-project on Latin American architecture, her first volume in the English language. The Buenos Aires National Library in Argentina, the UF Center for Latin American Studies in the United States, as well as the most recent international, architecture biennales in Rosario and Buenos Aires, among other intercontinental institutions and conferences have been involved in a plan of action that sums travelling exhibitions and lectures intended to stimulate an open, wider discussion in connection to the architectural discourse.