Al Borde

This office is a multidisciplinary collective, established in 2007 (Quito, Ecuador) by David Barragán (Quito, Ecuador, 1981) and Pascual Gangotena (Quito, Ecuador, 1977). It focuses in researching architectonical and constructive strategies for optimizing available resources, developing works with a sustainable perspective seeking a balance between economical, social and environmental issues. The explorations have taken AL BORDE to participative design of community projects and building with volunteers and interdisciplinary collaborations. They understand architecture neither as a luxury item nor as a status icon. AL BORDE considers that all people, especially those who have less, must have access to quality spaces. We consider both sustainability and environmental issues as inherent topics in our profession. No matter the budget, scale or the location, they are always looking for resources optimization, and enhancing local materials. Also to revalue local building techniques, like a method to reach their goals.