Adrià Goula

Adrià Goula Sardà, ( Graduate Architect on 2000, initially worked as an architect in different architectural bureaus in Paris and Barcelona until 2004, when he started his professional career as an architecture photographer.
Goula has carried out more than 1000 commissions, which have been cover on most of the best magazines, published in several monographic publications, and included in various specialized books.
His work has been awarded on different occasions as well as exhibited in several galleries, being also part of the Spanish Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 (awarded with the Golden Lion). He has also participated as keynote speaker in several conferences, courses and workshops.
In addition to his commercial work, he has been developing personal projects investigating form, texture and memory. Goula’s artistic practice explores photography as a medium, with the aim to go beyond the window frame to create abstract self-contained images. Architecture but also landscape or still life, are the elements he uses to create images where the bidimensional compositions, complexity, imperfection and abstraction are the main subjects.