70°N arkitektur

70°N arkitektur works with all kinds of architecture related issues from small object design, exhibitions and set design, to housing projects, area analyses, planning and urban development processes, as well as lecturing and teaching. From the beginning, architectural competitions have been an important arena for continuous reformulation and development of the office’s practice, and a possibility for a reflective, critical and committed approach to architecture and planning.

70°N arkitektur has got a comprehensive experience and a continuous developing practice
within numerous fields:
• architectural conception and construction
• landscape architecture
• experimental planning processes
• landscape analyses – regional and urban planning
• rehabilitation of historic buildings and registration of cultural heritage
• local and global sustainability
• interior design
• exhibitions and set design
• teaching
• academic work, lecturing, writing, publications and conferences

Experimentation and dialogue form the basis of 70°N arkitektur’s practice. The office was founded after winning entries in two major national competitions: the culture park on Tøyen in Oslo, and the National Political centre in Eidsvoll – ever since competitions have been a significant arena for a continuous reformulation of our work, and for developing the office’s means and instruments. It is crucial for the office’s architectural project to have a critical approach towards our production and to the political implications of the work.
Our engagement follows a continuous discussion in the society, with a special focus on the northern regions and the Arctic; through the master studios ‘Emerging Arctic Landscapes’ and ‘Layered Landscapes Lofoten’ at Bergen Architecture School, and the work with city development in Greenland. This commitment is also expressed locally in our participation in the dialogue based urban processes of Tromsø, on a national level regarding architecture education and national architecture policy, and in a Scandinavian discussion about regional development in the Øresunds region – especially through our winning entry in the regional idea competition Øresundsvisioner 2040, and through our winning project in the urban development competition in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen – Scandinavia’s largest urban development area on a land filling. We regularly contribute to conferences and in publications global wide, and are called to lecture and teach at architecture schools and other assemblies. Within the office’s practice we wish to investigate and develop an extended and new language for architecture and planning – which has lead to several papers and articles in publications and participation at research conferences.
By working with a broad array of small and big scale issues, on multiple arenas, we experience a continuous enrichment in the office’s projects and progress.