Bullscapes by Maurizio Montagna

In over half a century, the Osborne Bull has undergone an important transformation: from an image with an advertising function, representing a brand of wine and food, to a symbolic icon of an entire nation.

For Spanish people the unmistakable silhouette of the Osborne bull is so deeply rooted in their minds, it has become a vernacular object in photography.

In fact, it has also been widely used in art and cinema, due to its widespread recognisability and the powerful image it evokes.

In Bullscapes, Montagna photographs the big Osborne bull signs in a complex and articulate way. The subject opens a dialogue with the surrounding areas and becomes a means to describe the landscape.

There are over 80 Osborne bulls in Spain, which have been geo-localised on the map used by the photographer to carry out his project.

The “Bullscapes” project focuses on the relationship between one of Spain’s most iconic symbols, located in specific sites, and its contemporary landscape, creating unpredictable new stories and dimensions.

The artist chose to print in a large format and took the photographs with a large print camera. This choice allows for a more detailed analysis of the images of these signs.

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