Building in Sound: Foreword

Julian Treasure

Text excerpt from Building in Sound white paper, created in conjunction with Biamp.
Author: Julian Treasure. Chairman, The Sound Agency and Author of SOUND BUSINESS.

The world is getting noisier, and our health and productivity are suffering as a result.

The problem is particularly acute in built-up areas, and among the poorest social groups, who tend to live in the noisiest places. Even in towns where heavy industry is history, other noise sources have taken over: aircraft, road traffic, public address systems, alarms and the hubbub of increasingly densely packed populations have become the noise pests of the 21st century. The din persists indoors, too: poor acoustic design in many buildings results in nuisance noise reverberating, so we must speak more loudly to make ourselves heard. Today’s urban environment is very much part of the problem.

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