Blooming House

IROJE KHM Architects

Architects: HyoMan Kim - IROJE KHM Architects
Location: Pyeongchang-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Program: Residence
Site Area: 353.92 ㎡
Building Area: 167.88 ㎡
Total Floor Area: 441.69 ㎡
Year: 2013
Photography: Sergio Pirrone
A Small Castle Overrun by Nature
A conversation with Bukhansan

This site is set on a very steep octagonal shape surrounded by roads on all sides, cut off like an island. The dynamic mountaintops of Bukhansan are set up as a relational surrounding context for the design of this residence, an island besieged by various nearby residences and Bukhansan’s mountaintops in the distance.

Site plan

Life in Nature in the City Centre

The client required a detached house for the cohabitation of three generations to live a ‘life enveloped by nature’.

Sightseeing on an Architectural Hill

In order to transform the vertical challenge of the steep slope into a pleasurable sightseeing excursion, I planned to make it into a climbing path for promenade sightseeing by including spatial and visual events along the way, circulating from the low gate to the rooftop.

The Harmony of the Crystal Polyhedron in Bukhansan

While attempting to make optimum use of setback regulation and land-use efficiency, the form of the residence became a polyhedral mass following the land shape. This is in harmony with the homogeneous form of the surrounding Bukhansan mountaintops, granting a rationale to the white petal origami shape.

The Infiltration of Nature into a Non-specific Environment

The whole skin of the indoor and outdoor mass, except the external, wall is buried below natural green. In addition, two small courtyards infiltrate the core of the residential mass and they play the role of an invader disturbing its identity as an indoor space. As a result, the dwellers in this residence can enjoy a vague environment, an internalized forest in every corner of the indoor space.

Blooming House

I expect the life of residents to flourish, here forever with nature inside.


Structure: Reinforced concrete
Materials: Aluminum sheet, Exposed concrete, Lacquer
Team: Kyung Jin Jung, SeungHee Song, SuKyung Jang, JiYeon Kim