Ausbauhaus Neukölln

Praeger Richter Architekten

The “Ausbauhaus” concept allows it to offer spacious living quarters for the prices of social housing (KG 300+400 beginning at 1,020 € / sqm, depending on the finished interior standard).



Flexibility Diagrams

The special feature is the fact that the owner / client is given the choice between different finishes levels, such as “standard loft“, “standard apartment“ or “take-over shell for self-finishing”. Thus the “Ausbauhaus“ can be tailor-made to the desired level of detail and budget. The building has a north-south orientation. All units are distinguished by a ceiling height of 3 metres and a spacious loggia to the south, which extends the living space toward the exterior over its whole length.

In keeping with the concept of the “Ausbauhaus“, the structural concept is based on a simple shelving system. This system enables economical and time-saving realisation using pre-construction. Through the disconnection between the floor plan and the supporting structure, plus the flexible perforated façade, various floor plan variations can be implemented without having to engage the overall structure of the building. A subsequent conversion of the units remains as easy as possible.

Gross floor area: 3,600 m2.
Useable floor area: 2,680 m2.
Gross volume: 14,300 m3.
KG 300 + 400 according to DIN 276.
Budget: 3,500,000 €.